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With Acronis Cyber Backup Advanced, IT can ensure continuous business operations

The loss of critical data is a constant risk for businesses. Data loss can cause costly downtime, dissatisfied customers, regulatory fines and lost revenue. As a result, expectations are high for the IT staff responsible. They must ensure that business operations continue 24 hours a day. Acronis Cyber Backup provides the data protection you need to meet these evolving requirements. It keeps your business running, secures every workload, scales indefinitely, and helps you save money.

Companies expect more:

Full availability without downtime.

Ensure business continuity with split-second recoveries from disasters and proactive downtime avoidance.

Comprehensive data protection, now and in the future

Always back up every bit of your data – no matter what technology you adopt or how much data you generate.

Fast backup, continuous operation

Run backups as often as you like, even during business hours – your systems’ performance won’t be affected! Improve your RPOs and reduce the follow-up costs of disasters.

Why Acronis Cyber Backup is better

With its innovative security features, Acronis Cyber Backup sets a new standard for new generation data protection. Learn what sets Acronis apart from competitors and how our unique technologies can protect your data with a simple, cost-effective and versatile solution.

Proactive protection against ransomware

Avoid downtime by proactively protecting your files from unauthorized modifications and/or encryption. Acronis Active Protection uses state-of-the-art technologies based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and user-configurable filter lists to protect your data.

Instant Restore

Manage your recovery times (RTOs), reduce process interruptions to seconds, and preserve your organization's overall productivity with our unique runVM technology.

Comprehensive Data Protection

Ensure complete and ongoing security of your data and infrastructure - no matter what challenges you face (growing data volumes, new business processes, migrations to new applications/platforms/clouds, etc.). Acronis Cyber Backup secures 20+ platforms - physical, virtual, cloud or mobile.

Blockchain Notarization.

Ensure the integrity and authenticity of your data with our blockchain-based Acronis Notary technology, which prevents your archived files from being corrupted or tampered with by undetected attacks.

Unmatched simplicity

Lower your licensing, training, integration and operational costs with our simple, scalable product that handles any data protection task. Our easy-to-learn solution enables less specialized IT staff to secure your enterprise data with little effort and efficiently perform even the most complex backup tasks.

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Manage all types of data protection tasks in one workflow using the central management console and a standard user interface. Create backups to any type of storage and easily restore any data with minimal or no downtime.

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