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We are just redoing our Websites to enhance the registration process and customer satisfaction. Please use our “Availability Checker” down below to check and register domains directly in our new Customer Center. Thanks for your efforts. Please claim a welcome bonus for the hassle – enter “welcome25” as a discount code at your order. You can use our discount code towards all our hosting tariffs, VPS and not just domains for contract terms of up to 2 years!

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If you want to reserve a  domain extension, you are at the right place! Through Novinet you can reserve more than 800 global domains, more than 500 global domains in real-time. Check with our domain checker whether your desired domain is available.

Price / Month

from 1 CHF

Forward emails​

Email Forwarding

Manage your DNS zones​


Minimum term​

12 Months

Transfer Fee​

0.00 CHF

Update Fee​

0.00 CHF


0.00 CHF

Advantages for domains at Novinet​

  • Automated transfer of your domain
  • Real-time registration of new domain
  • Free transfer of domains
  • Bulk transfers possible
  • DNS data management
  • Administration of the DNS table (A, AAAA, TXT, MX, SPF)
  • Besides alphanumeric characters all german umlauts as well as the eszett can be used in the domain name
  • Technical support

General info about Domains

Maximum length

up to 63 characters


from 1 CHF per month


Digits Domains

Technical Support​

We generally offer you support during our office hours from 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. With premium packages, all servers and housing even 24/7 – that’s ideal for all business applications.

Our well-rehearsed team consists of experienced technicians who answer your questions and fix technical problems.

Please open a support ticket via the customer center or by email at


Backup & Security​

With our nightly backups, we keep backup copies of your important data for up to three months. Individually, longer periods of time are possible on request and for a surcharge, or you can use additional applications from Acronis or Veeam.

We also offer the integration of cloud solutions. With our solutions you can deal with cyber risks, malware and hacks and restore your applications with almost no problems.

Security first ​

Your data security is our top priority. That is why we rely on the latest security and encryption systems.

In addition, our fully automatic security algorithms and our firewall provide additional protection.

Your websites and shops as well as the corresponding data are hosted in Swiss Tier3 data centers or, if desired, abroad.

Email Forwarding​

Forward your emails to alternate email addresses so you can manage them from a single account.

Domain Privacy​

Protect your personal data and reduce the amount of spam in your inbox by enabling ID protection.


External DNS hosting can speed up your website and improve availability through higher redundancy.

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