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Regular Magento updates and runtime checks

Magento’s innovative shop system offers you countless possibilities for creating your own online shop. Magento’s provider already has more than ten years of experience and has always attached great importance to updates and extensions. Therefore, Magento enjoys great popularity and is increasingly used in the course of web hosting offers.

Although Magento has a complex user interface, the shop system is still ideal for all people who want to build their first professional online shop. So you don’t need any experience or programming knowledge. For the updates, however, you need above all maximum attention and time.

To spare you this, we offer you our Magento Update Service. In the course of this service, which extends our hosting offer, we take care of regular updates of your Magento shop system for you. It is important not to delay with new updates and Magento plugins. Otherwise you will be denied new functions and dangerous security gaps will remain open for a long time.

With our Magento update service, you don’t have to worry about this and you can simply sit back and relax. As an experienced server provider in web hosting, we are committed to you and ensure the optimal usability of your Magento shop system. There are major dangers in terms of security, especially with the payment systems in online shops. Therefore, it is very important to react quickly with security updates.

Security is not only a top priority for us in the web hosting sector. Magento also knows exactly how important security is for a software application such as an online shop system. Therefore, regular updates, the so-called Supee patches, ensure your security.
We provide you with constant support to ensure that your online shop is always up to date with the latest security and functional status. This is because, in your everyday business, security updates often go unnoticed or you don’t have enough time to take care of them yourself due to other occupations. Our Magento Update Service therefore offers you the optimal solution. We take on this task for you with maximum reliability and an absolute sense of responsibility. Never again worry about missed updates or urgently required plugins and extensions for your Magento online shop.

Magento Update Service

Up to date without worries

The update package includes the updates Mini (x.x.1) and Minor (x.1.x).

Before and after each update we carry out backups and testing.

All prices incl. VAT, 12 months minimum term

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