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ASCII Compatible Encoding-String (e.g. A string created by technical processes (e.g., which consists only of letters from “a-z”, digits from “0-9” and hyphens and whose first to fourth character consists of the combination “xn--“. The ACE string should be technically “translatable” into an IDN (cf. RFC 3492).

Domains can be transferred from one registrar to another. This does not change the right of a person to use this domain. The transfer of a domain is defined as a binding process by the responsible organisation ICANN. When a domain is transferred from one provider (hoster or registrar) to another, it is important to ensure that only the authorised person can order this transfer. In order to ensure that the transfer takes place without media disruption as far as possible, an automatically generated code is introduced, which should only be known by the authorised person. This code is called an authentication code or Auth-Code. It is also commonly called AuthInfo-Code, with or without the inner capital letter. You need this Auth-Code to carry out a domain transfer.

CMS is the abbreviation for Content Management System. It refers to an application (software) that helps to manage digital content such as individual web documents, images, videos and other documents in a digital format. The user is often also supported in the creation of web documents. The CMS also takes care of publishing the content, whether on the www or on other platforms.

Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) are extensions of the Domain Name System (DNS) that are used to verify the authenticity of DNS responses with the help of cryptographic signatures.

A domain (e.g. is a combination of the domain name, the dot and a top level domain, here the top level domain .at or a sub level domain, here or

A domain name is a sequence of letters, digits (“0-9″) and hyphens (“-“), including the characters “a-z”.

A simple and efficient way to transfer data from the local computer to the server is offered by the File Transfer Protocol, FTP. In this way you can upload texts, photos, videos, etc. for publication on the Internet. Well-known programmes are e.g: #FileZilla #WinSCP.php

Internationalised Domain Name = A domain (e.g. that contains at least one letter beyond “a-z”.

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