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Google Maps, Google Places Autocomplete and Google Places Geolocation​

Setup, verification and billing

The Google Services

For the well-known Google services Google Maps as well as Google Routes and Google Places, there are new plans regarding the calculation of prices since 16.07.2018.

Costs are incurred each time a map is loaded, depending on whether it is a static or dynamic map request or a static or dynamic Street View request. Your users can pan, zoom in or out, and change layers on the map as often as they like without incurring additional charges.

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How are the costs of a Google Map calculated?

The calculation takes into account every single use of the Google Map. Thus, every intentional or unintentional map request incurs direct costs. It is therefore recommended that you only integrate and activate the Google Map on your contact page.

A standard service for your easy set-up, verification as well as billing by Novinet

You are free to choose between four different packages. Depending on your order, we will send you an API Key from Google, which you can use directly. As soon as you have entered the API key in the development, the selected package can be used. This covers not only the call-ups via Google Maps, but also Google Places and Geolocation.

If you know in advance that you will need more than 10,000 Google Maps views within a short period of time, please contact us directly. Together we can talk about further possibilities and larger packages for higher numbers of views.

„Oops! Something went wrong.“

Error message displayed when Google Map is incorrectly configured

How do I know if the setup was done correctly by the developer?

If you have installed a map from Google, you will see a visual message in grey on the map. The map is immediately available in real time as soon as you have entered a valid API key from Google.

Google Service S

250 views per month

250 views per month from Google Maps, Google Places and Google Routes

Google Service M

500 views per month

500 views per month of Google Maps, Google Places and Google Routes

Google Service L

2500 views per month

2500 views per month of Google Maps, Google Places and Google Routes

All prices incl. VAT, 12 months minimum term

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