Maximum trust with the help of SSL certificates

Secure and encrypted transmission of your website data

An SSL certificate certifies maximum data security for you and your website. SSL certificates are compared with letter seals, which provide extra security for communication and data exchange. Search engines, such as Google, reward websites with an existing SSL certificate with a better ranking in the search results. However, it is not only the search engines and internet browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, that attach great importance to this SSL encryption.

Users and visitors of websites also now pay more and more attention to an existing SSL certificate. With an SSL certificate from GeoTrust, you can increase the trust of your website significantly. This is particularly important for online shops with direct payment. The 256-bit SSL encryption in combination with HTTP2 ensures maximum speed and security when transferring data. Therefore, this factor should not be neglected in the course of your web hosting package.

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What is an SSL certificate anyway?

Nowadays, as an operator of an online shop, you definitely have a small to medium-sized problem if you don’t have an SSL certificate. SSL encryption shows search engines, internet browsers and above all visitors to your website that the transmission of data is encrypted and secure. This means that confidential data, which is primarily entered during payment, cannot be intercepted.

If you put yourself in the position of the potential customer, you can probably see for yourself, based on your own sense of security, the importance of this assured protection through an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate to validate your business shows visitors that you are a reputable and professional business whose data is also secure and encrypted.

SSL certificates are directly recognisable

Visitors know immediately that they are on a secure website

It was not always the case that website visitors could directly recognise whether the website or webshop had a valid SSL certificate. This is because in the past, these were not highlighted and websites were not penalised by search engines as a result.

In mid-2018, however, this changed. Users can now see directly whether the website has an SSL certificate or not. Since then, internet browsers flag websites with missing SSL encryption with “Not secure”, which massively decreases the trust of visitors.

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Visitors know immediately that you are on a secure website

As a company with an Internet presence in the form of a website or an online shop, a business SSL certificate is now a must. Since July 2018, website visitors get a negative impression of your company if SSL encryption is missing. You must and can easily prevent this by showing visitors that you are a trustworthy company.

A Business SSL Certificate extends the security and encryption of the data with an additional verification of the company. This creates and clearly communicates maximum trust and security to your visitors. These factors result in an increased number of visitors, more real prospects and more sales in your online shop.

All prices incl. VAT, 12 months minimum term

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