Spam protection

Your mails are always well protected in our e-mail server. Thanks to our triple spam protection, which you can configure individually for each mailbox, you will always feel safe.

Basic protection

Our basic protection includes PTR checking and blacklist connection for DNS as well as protection against MDN/DSN backscatters. In addition, we provide you with a comprehensive abuse protection mechanism. If you wish to disable this basic protection, this is only possible if you have deactivated the spam filter.

SPF Records

For optimal spam protection, we use Sender Policy Framework Records on our web hosting servers. These so-called SPF records protect you from fake senders or their fake e-mail addresses. For this purpose, domains are set so that only specified senders and areas can send the e-mails. For this purpose the IP address is used and specified.

Spam filter

By using a spam filter, your mailbox is automatically filtered from spam mails. You can activate this yourself and set its sensitivity manually. In addition, the spam filter constantly learns when you mark e-mails as spam or not as spam.


If you receive an e-mail with an unknown combination of sender or recipient/sender server, the e-mail will be rejected. At least on the first receipt of this e-mail. A few minutes later, however, the e-mail is delivered again and accepted by the server.

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